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Internet Citizenship

Internet Citizenship is UC Berkeley's first online digital humanities course, a mini-MOOC with 100-200 students.

I served as a lead lecturer, researcher, course designer, and helped develop the course's digital architecture. 


Greg Niemeyer, Ashley Ferro-Murray and myself devised this course to teach New Media design and social impact, working from the disciplines of Computer Science, Social Science, and Arts Practice. 


A "maker" course focused on digital literacy, this class utilized both asynchronous and live interactions, via video chat sessions. We deployed a "flipped" classroom, pre-recording lectures. 


In 2012, we were awarded a research grant from a HASTAC-MacArthur Foundation partnership to research the impact of this virtual classroom.  


In subsequent years, I have re-developed this class to focus on IT Development in Africa and the Developing World. 


The video at top right shows a walk-through of our course Web site (developed in Drupal). Bottom right is an example of one online lecture. 

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