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Internet Citizenship 
Africa + The Internet


Orienting globalization from the South, we explore

the cybercultures of Africa: Points of departure are case studies in digital research in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, and more, as well as in the contemporary African diaspora. Students critique notions of the Network Society and develop skills in digital storytelling, visual design, and online tool making.


We develop mobile app prototypes in MIT App Inventor and Balsamiq mockups, and perform data gathering via online ethnography. No prior knowledge of coding is required.


Student Mobile App prototypes


Kupa - Soccer and Ethnic Tolerance app  

Sai States - Nigerian voting tool

[1] TODAY prototype Everyone's fighting for your attention. What about one story in the news-cycle that we can all talk about? This app curates one top story for discussion over a few hours. Here's a walk-through of our app, designed for Nigerian mobile phone users. Click the PDF for an interactive mock-up.

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