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African Global Ties

My name is Reginold Royston and my primary research project examines technology development in contemporary Africa and its diasporas. Currently, I am trying to understand the role of mobile phones and the Internet in helping Ghanaians to connect to those in diaspora, and back home to Ghana.


If you're reading this you have likely been contacted by me or my research assistants. Part of my work is interviewing people about these and other issues related to technology. I also attend community events, participate in tech meet-ups and go to professional meetings. My work takes me throughout the U.S.A., the Netherlands and Ghana. I strive to have the consent of all people impacted by my data collection. You may contact me at any time about issues of consent pertaining to my research. Please click through to see my informed consent form.

This research has been funded and supported by the Mellon Foundation, the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Social Science Research Council (SSRN) and the University of California, Berkeley Center for New Media, Dept. of African American Studies, Williams College, and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Center for African Studies, Dept. of African Cultural Studies, and the Information School, and the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana, Legon.  


I am a professor at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA go here for more info.  

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