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Podcasting, New Orality and the African Mediascape

This project examines the expanding role of what I am calling 'new orality,' advancing research on the interaction of written and oral cultures in the digital era. Since 2014, I've tracked and analyzed dozens of African podcasts looking at the role of traditional African orature, and audio-enabled interfaces. Africa is unique in this regard, having well-documented folk and formalized oral conventions that reverberate throughout modernity. African audio interfaces and interaction with digital media aesthetics are pushing the envelope of HCI and content, drawing on these affordances. 

article - Podcasting and New Orality in the African Mediascape (2021) 
New Media & Society 

DOI: 10.1177/14614448211021032

African Studies conference talk on 'Podcasting and the Study of Africa' with Kim Yi Dionne, Msia Clark, Peter Alegi and myself. Link to the video here

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