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Aural Circuits

In this project, I am examining what I describe as "Aural Circuits" — the synesthetic and technological forms produced through African diasporic music techniques and collaborations. This is an ethnography of  African emigre and African-American music producers and dancers, looking at tacit knowledge and performance identities in Chicago, IL. My research focuses on informal pedagogy, piracy, and hacking practices among  artists at the "margins." Working in the dance music genres of AfroBeats and Footwork music, my work deploys perspectives on Sound Studies, Folklore, Performance Studies, New Media and Africana Studies. See more in the paper Soulcraft: Black Techne in African and American Viral Dance.

Here is a Feb. 2020 talk on "African Viral Dance" at Michigan State Univ.'s Eye on Africa forum. 

Southside Chicago producer/dj Sirr Tmo, c/o

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