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AfriNolly - (Nigeria) 

AfriNolly has become a key online source of streaming Nigerian and Ghanaian films and TV shows. Streaming is still difficult on the continent due to low bandwidth, but this is popular in cities and in the diaspora. More at


ReVoDa - (Nigeria) 

Revoda is a mobile phone application that turns citizens into election observers. Its unique feature is that it’s tied to each user’s polling unit number. It also allows EiE Nigeria to send location specific information to the user.  


InstaVoice - (Ghana/South Africa) 

Voice SMS app originally developed at the Meltwater Institute in Accra (Saya). In 2014, this became a leading VoiceSMS application in the developing world. Part of Kirusa's suite of mobile technology.


Suba - (Ghana) 

Suba is a location-based iOS and Android app that launched in Ghana last September 2014. It allows everyone at gatherings to see and share photos in one central photostream, going beyond the constraints of a friends list on other social platforms and allowing event attendees to see, save, and share everyone’s photos.


Mxit - (South Africa - defunct) 

Mxit is a social network designed for mobile phones. It’s data-light, and it operates on over 8,000 different devices, including iPad, bridging the SMS and Smart Phone app gap. Mxit went out of business in 2015 despite over 8 million users, due to competition with WhatsApps and Facebook Messenger. 

Africa's Mobile Apps 

A running list of apps in Africa I encounter in my research. Also, see the African + The Internet page
for mobile protypes developed with my students. 
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